4 Tips to Ditch the Diet and Create a Healthy Lifestyle

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How often have you heard the phrase ‘the diet starts Monday’. It’s an all or nothing approach and come Monday anything that you deem ‘unhealthy’ will not pass through your lips. Monday comes and all you can think about is all the food you’ve restricted yourself from eating. You last one or two days and then you back to your old ways. How is that fun!? We want to help you create a healthy LIFESTYLE.

Top tips you can action today to start your journey to a healthy lifestyle and a happier you.

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When creating a healthy lifestyle we want it to be sustainable, we want it to become a LIFESTYLE, we want to ditch the diet mentality and create a lifestyle of nourishment and kindness.

Making a lifestyle change is about consistency. It’s about building up small but empowering habits that you follow every single day.

As Tony Robbins says ‘it’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives it’s what we do consistently.’

To create small shifts every day that than become new habits. As you become comfortable with these small shifts you can start building on them. Don’t under estimate the power that small changes have on your health, they very quickly add up to a huge overall change.

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4 Easy and actionable steps to start creating a healthy lifestyle

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  • Start adding TO your plate. Instead of thinking that you have to deprive yourself of any type of food, start by adding to your plate. Add more veggies, add a side salad and eat this first. Become comfortable with cooking the veggies and seeing them as apart of your meal. As this becomes a habit then you can start getting serious about reducing the less nutritious parts of your meal.
  • Drinking 3 liters of water a day. Cannot stress enough how amazing increasing your intake of water is. Best place to start! Keep a bottle of water next to your bed and when you wake up, start drinking..
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  • Start becoming aware of what you’re putting into your body. Begin reading food labels and start noticing how sauces and spices contain excess sugar and a whack load of ingredients you don’t recognise. Ideally, we want as few steps as possible from the field the food is grown in, to your fork. If you pick up a box and the label has more than 5 unrecognizable ingredients, chances are it’s filled with artificial sweeteners and other chemicals that aren’t in your body’s best interests.
Expanding your awareness of what you putting into your body is such a great step. It can really be an eye opener.


  • Be patient with your journey and be kind to yourself. No one eats perfectly all the time. Each meal is a new opportunity to make a healthier more nourishing choice. If you ate a meal that isn’t as nourishing as you wanted it to be don’t let this be an excuse to give up. Instead, accept that meal for what it was and try again on your next meal. Be kind to yourself on your journey to creating a healthy lifestyle.

Begin taking control in the design of your life.

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