I thought, for many years, that food was just there to taste good and stop my tummy from grumbling. Little did I know that certain foods were the reason for my constant headaches, muscle tension, uncomfortable bloating, seriously itchy eyes, and incessant thirst!

As I became aware of the impact that food has on my system, it didn’t take long (thanks to the help of a food sensitivity test and a little elimination diet) to learn which foods triggered these unpleasant responses in my body. I can tell you that life is soooooo much lighter and brighter now!

Once I started to feel more comfortable in my own body and noticed the difference in my energy and concentration levels, I kept researching and learning. I’m always blown away by the power of food to heal!

I’m in the process of becoming a certified Health Coach as I believe that we can all live happier and healthier lives by seeing food as nourishment, moving our bodies each day, and taking the time to rest and heal. I can’t wait to help more people integrate sustainable healthy lifestyle changes into their lives. The food we eat gives us so much control over our health today and it also impacts how we feel in 10, 20, 30 years from now.

I’m sharing information, recipes, motivation and healthy tips that I have learnt along my wellness journey as I LOVE this stuff and I hope it can help you live a lighter and brighter life too!

Yours in health,