Boost Your Body’s Natural Resilience to Headaches

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Tension headaches are so common these days, and they certainly not welcomed with open arms. So often we just grab a headache tablet to solve the pain but rarely do we stop and ask what’s actually causing this headache? Is there anything I can do to prevent it from occurring with such frequency? I’m all about the natural lifestyle and that means choosing natural ways to heal my body BEFORE the tension headache arrives. I’m sure all of us can agree that the less pills you take the better right? Let’s dive into how you can boost your body’s natural resilience to headaches.

4 Steps to boost your body’s resilience to headaches.

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The power of Movement

Our bodies are made to move. Yet, in reality, many of us have desk jobs. This tends to mean a lot of sitting behind a computer, combined with sitting in a car to get to the office (well, maybe not these days with so many of us working from home) and then we get home and Netflix and chill. That’s a lot of sitting for a body that is made to move.

I’m not just talking about sweaty exercise here (although it’s good too). I’m talking about general movement added into your day. Every hour you sit behind your desk take a few minutes to swing your arms around, shrug your shoulders and lift your knees up and down a few times. If you can take a walk at lunchtime do it!! These simple movements done a couple times a day can make a huge difference in your well-being.

Filling up a Glass of Water

Keeping hydrated:

This one we all know on some level but it’s often overlooked. It’s an important one! Often dehydration headaches feel like your common tension headache. Make sure to keep hydrated during the day.

I always have a reusable waterbottle on hand and I have made it a habit to keep sipping on water throughout the day. Making my body a no-go zone for this type of headache. As the saying goes prevention is better than a cure.

Even if you feel a headache starting, sometimes it’s not to late to hydrate your system. Increasing the amount of water you drinking is never a bad idea even if dehydration is not the reason for your headache. Also make sure you drink water, not coffee, not your favourite soda, WATER. 

Work on manageing stress

Stress is often a huge player when it comes to headaches. Often when we’re stressed we feel tension in our shoulder and our necks which can lead to headaches. It’s important to find stress management techniques that work for you. We’re looking to help keep stress within a manageable level.

Sometimes it’s the simple things that can help reduce your stress levels
Person relaxing by a dam reading a book
  • Taking a technology free walk with your dogs in the afternoon.
  • An Epsom salt bath before bed (best thing ever)
  • Drinking a glass of wine whilst reading a good book.
  • Baking, meditation, yoga, deep breathing, crafts…

We’ll have something that relaxes us and we MUST carve out time for some self-care, this goes a long way in helping you cope with the daily stressors.

Maybe it’s something you’re eating?

Did you know that there are several foods that are commonly known to trigger headaches?  Now, do not forget that we’re all different people and all of us have our own unique digestive system. So what may potentially trigger a headache in one person may not apply to you.

However, start to pay attention if there is a link between what you ate and the onset of your headache. It can take some time to work this out but start becoming aware that there may be something you’re eating that your body isn’t a fan of.

If you want to dive head first into this take a look at our blog Health Reset: Restore balance to your body.

But what if you ALREADY have a headache?

Lavender in a Glass

  • We recommend anything lavender! This includes drinking some lavender tea (you can pick some straight from the bush in your garden).
  • Use some lavender essential oil and rub it on your temples. In short, lavender is known to help reduce the severity of headaches.
  • Another great step is to take some magnesium supplements, this is a mineral that plays an important role in muscle function. Unfortunately, due to lifestyle patterns, many of us are low in magnesium.
  • This is what makes Epsom salt baths so irresistible as they are high in magnesium. As a result, hot Epson salt baths are a fantastic way to relax tense muscles.
  • Lastly, spend some time doing some simple stretches to help ease and release the tense muscles in your shoulders and your neck.

We know that not all headaches are created equal. However, I hope that these tips can help reduce the frequency of your headaches. It’s so important to work with your body on your journey to living a happier and healthier life.

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