Delicious apple & almond butter snack

apples on picnic blankets

Many of us get hit with the ‘I just feel like snacking on something sweet’ around 3 pm in the afternoon. We have just the healthy sweet apple snack for you that is quick, nutritious and tasty.

Check out one of our go to afternoon apple snacks below:

Apple smothered in Almond Butter.


  • 1 Apple
  • Almond Butter
  • Cinnamon


  • Wash your apple and don’t peel it!
  • Cut up 1 apple into slices. The thickness of the slice is up to you.
  • Smear some almond butter onto the slices. The amount is up to you (we tend to have apple WITH the almond butter 😊)
  • Sprinkle a little bit of cinnamon to top (Cinnamon is excellent for stabilizing your blood sugar)
  • Eat!

So other than the fact that this is a delish snack. Here are a few ins and outs on the benefits this kind of snack has on your body.

All about apples

Red apples in a material bag on the green grass

Apples are a prebiotic. This means they’re packed with the kind of fiber that feeds the good bacteria in your gut.

(Check out our Blog ‘Why a healthy gut leads to a happier life’ to read more about this.)

In essence a healthy gut bacteria improves the absorption of nutrients from the food you are eating (sounds like a good thing.) It also helps boost your metabolism. Alongside this, a healthy gut improves your body’s ability to fight off infections.

Apples for the win right!

Why shouldn’t I peel apples?

Aside from the fact that nobody has the time to peel fruit and veg (am I right?) The skin of the apples actually houses so many nutrients. This is where buying organic food or at least washing fruit and vegetables well before eating them is a good move.

One last awesome fact about the miracle apple. The fiber in the apple can help slow your digestion, it also creates a smaller spike in your blood sugar which allows you to feel greater satisfaction after eating and can help to prevent over eating.

Are you an apple snack convert yet??

What’s the deal with Almond butter?

Almond butter jars

Made from crushing roasted almonds, this spread is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It’s also packed with healthy fats that among many things, helps improve your heart health.

Almond butter can easily be found at all leading grocery stores as well as health shops. It’s a total staple in our pantry.

A tasty and nutritious apple snack that your body will thank you for!
person eating apple


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