Health Reset: Restore Balance to your Body.

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We’re exposed to toxins EVERY SINGLE DAY. From credit card receipts, chemicals on and in our food, the hand soaps we use…. and our bodies struggle to keep up. We need to restore balance to our bodies and the best way to reboot our system is with a health reset.

All of us are living in an environment that is surrounded by toxins. Even if you don’t feel it (or more realistically, you don’t know that you’re feeling it), these toxins inevitably end up in your system. And no, this is NOT a good thing! Sometimes your body needs a little extra support to upregulate its natural detox process and get back into peak performance.

This is why I tried (and LOVED!) the 10-day health reset by Thrive Wellness. It was a total system reboot and oh boy, I needed it!

Why do a health reset?

In short, a build-up of toxins prevents your body from working correctly. It can make you feel constantly tired and feel like it’s a struggle to concentrate. Hello, brain fog!

Of course, our bodies have excellent natural detoxification systems but in today’s modern lifestyle they need a little help. This is where the miracle of the health reset comes into play.

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Signs that you should do a health reset:

  • Fatigue
  • Acne
  • Achy Joints and Muscles
  • Brain Fog
  • Headaches
  • Digestive destresses
  • Mood swings
  • Poor Sleep

Let’s be honest here… how many of us DON’T feel these symptoms?

Reset your health and detoxify your body

The Thrive Summer Health Reset is a 10-day program. It focuses on removing inflammatory foods (like sugar and gluten) and processed foods (anything that comes in a box) from your plate and adding in all the good stuff.

The program is designed to take advantage of the healing power of food. It includes delicious whole foods that are rich in phytonutrients that, of course, work to support your body in the detox process. Above all, the reset helps balance your blood sugar, improve your digestion and boost your metabolism.

On the reset, you have access to a whole library of recipes that make meal planning super easy. The recipes get you exploring new ways to cook and trust me, many of the recipes will remain on repeat in your house after the 10 days!

Thrive Chicken Recipe
Thrive Wellness: Ginger & Lime Chicken with Sweet Potato Mash

Top Tips for Success

  • Preparation: It’s important to know what you will be eating each day and pre-prep as much as possible. When you’re hungry is NOT the time to be wondering what you going to eat for lunch.
  • Check your labels: First thing to do BEFORE you start is check the labels of your favorite sauces in your fridge. For instance, does your mustard have added sugar? Or your favorite chili sauce? It really helps to notice these little things beforehand so you can stock up on the right alternatives.
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  • Mindset: Set yourself up for success by getting your mindset right. Think about why are you doing the reset. For instance, are you aiming to reduce muscle pain? Are you interested in weight loss? Or to help heal your acne? Knowing why you’re doing this will help keep you motivated.
  • Accountability: Do it together! Have someone to keep you motivated. If you need extra support, do the group reset and join the WhatsApp group. It offers meal inspiration and most importantly, you know you not going through this alone.
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My health got a jump start

I live a healthy lifestyle and I can tell you that I was NOT expecting to feel such pronounced effects during the detox process.

On day three, I was heavily fatigued with a serious headache. Which turns out… is TOTALLY normal when going through a detox. My body was working so hard to remove the backlog of toxins as well as going through a bit of a withdrawal from no sugar (I mean, honey was my close friend).

Like many of us, I find life’s challenges can be very stressful. Often when feeling like this, you tend to gravitate towards comfort food.


I can tell you with utter conviction, what you eat affects your mood and your ability to cope with daily stressors. As the 10 days came to an end my energy levels were up, the intense fatigue faded away and I just felt like I had more room to deal with life.

Have you ever thought that your normal everyday state may not be your OPTIMAL state?

Seriously, I like feeling full of energy and alive. I like bouncing out of bed in the morning eager for the day. I like feeling motivated to exercise. If all that’s standing in my way of feeling like this is a 10-day health reset, it’s an absolute no brainer. I will do it.

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