How To Create a More Natural Lifestyle

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The general idea of living a more natural lifestyle is to take a pause in the hustle and bustle of the daily grind. It’s about becoming aware of how our modern-day lives of convenience can unknowingly impact our health and wellness. It emphasises the importance of recognising this, then actively move away from products, or habits that sometimes unknowingly place added stress on your body and mind.

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In a nutshell, a natural lifestyle is about coming back to listening to your body, reducing the toxic load (from chemicals in and on our food as well as household products) that your body deals with, and of course, being kinder to the environment.

It’s all about working with your body to create health and vitality. The aim is to strengthen your body from the inside out in order to give you the capacity to deal with everything life throws at you.

It’s about nourishing your body with wholefoods, celebrating the movement your body can do and taking the time to rest, unwind and recharge yourself.

Many of these simple practices have gotten lost in our modern-day lives, leaving many of us tense, anxious, and prone to headaches.

4 Simple Steps Towards Living a More Natural Lifestyle:

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The importance of allowing yourself to be bored:

Now, hear me out here. I don’t know one person who doesn’t pull out their phone as soon as they bored. I mean, you left alone at the table in the restaurant for 2min and the phone comes out (I do it. You do it.)

The thing is, and don’t shoot the messenger BUT, scrolling the socials isn’t actually a break. Your brain is still very active and constantly consuming information.

So, it turns out that fulling each moment of stillness we have with a quick video or checking DMs, actually prevents our minds from taking a breather. This then impacts your ability to process information from the day and can decrease your productivity.

The good news is, that adding some REAL downtime into your day is easy and rewarding. I’m talking about taking a 15-minute technology-free walk, or drinking your morning coffee outside whilst listening to the birds with no phones in sight.

Give your brain a chance to refresh, it will help boost your attention and spark your creativity.

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What we put ONTO our bodies:

We’re exposed to toxins EVERY SINGLE DAY. From credit card receipts, the hand soaps and shampoo we use, and our bodies struggle to keep up. Of course, our bodies have excellent natural detoxification systems but in today’s modern lifestyle they need a little help.

There are so many chemicals and pollutants out there that we can’t avoid, the least we can do is minimise exposure to the ones we can control.

So what can we control?

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  • The body products we use daily. This includes things like body cream, toothpaste, hair gel, face cream, perfume. It’s important to choose natural alternatives. There are so many wonderful natural products out there. I encourage you to try them. Even if it’s just one product at a time. I promise you it makes a difference.
  • House cleaning products. This impacts both you and your fur babies. They walk on the floors and absorb the cleaning chemicals too.

What we put INTO our body’s:

  • Yup, of course, I’m going to say it. Choose to eat fresh, whole foods. This means it’s time to ditch the man-made, chemical-laden processed food. For inspiration check out our blog on the 5 Steps to Banish Cravings and Take Charge of Your Health.
  • Instead of automatically taking medication to relieve headaches, as I’m sure we can all agree that the less medication you take the better. Let’s talk about natural options to help your body relax and destress from the day. My favourite natural go to’s are:
    • Drinking some lavender tea before bed to help me wind down and distress.
    • Deep belly breathing to help regulate my nervous system. 10 deep breaths and you can feel your body relaxing. Try it! 
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Care for the environment:

It wouldn’t be a natural lifestyle without becoming more conscious of the impact you have on the environment. There many simple steps you can take to reduce your environmental footprint:

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  • For instance, buy a stainless steel razor with replaceable blades. This means you’re not throwing away disposable razors each week. Clever right?
  • Getting a stainless steel water bottle that you refill and keep on hand. Of course, say no to plastic water bottles.
  • Bamboo toothbrushes! Do you know that every single toothbrush you’ve ever used is still sitting in a landfill? Eeeek!
  • An easy one is to create a compost heap and start throwing your food waste into the compost as opposed to the municipal bin.
Every little bit you do makes a difference to your health and well being!

Making a change to living a more natural life doesn’t mean selling everything you own and living in the amazon. It simply means that you need to slow down and take the time to do what’s best for your body.

Yes, it takes a bit of forward planning and removes a few of modern day life’s easy convivences. However, the impact on your mental wellbeing and health makes it worth it!

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