How to Reduce your Toxic Load for Healthier Living.

There’s a huge part of living a healthy life that doesn’t get talked about much. The importance of reducing your exposure to toxins! We’re surrounded by toxins every single day and often we have NO idea of the impact they have on our health and well-being. I’m talking about the toxic load we get exposed to daily, from household cleaners, body products, and even plastic Tupperware containers! Check out these sneaky toxins and how you can easily avoid them with a few simple steps.  

The scary facts

The truth is, that many of these everyday household cleaning products and body products contain toxins that are known endocrine disruptors.

What does this mean? In short, these toxins plays havoc with your hormones. An nobody wants that! Life’s stressful enough without adding in toxins that meddle with our hormones. Am I right?

This one is mind blowing, there’s a certain chemical found in plastic Tupperware and many cosmetic products, called Phthalates. This has been linked to obesity. Can you just imagine doing everything you can think of to live a healthy life and boom, it’s all negated by the cosmetics you’re using.

It doesn’t stop there, many household cleaning products have something called glycol ethers in them which can impact your fertility and worsen any allergies and asthma.

The truth is being continuously exposed to all these different toxins inevitably adds up and creates a toxic load in your system. This can then impact your ability to live a healthier life. We’ve put together 5 simple steps you can take that will instantly help reduce your toxic load.

5 Easy Steps to Immediately Reduce your Toxic Load.

1 – Avoiding plastic containers are good for the environment AND your health.  A simple place to start, TODAY is to stop reheating leftover food in plastic containers. Rather, dish up your leftovers onto a plate and then warm them up. Now, add glass containers to your shopping list and use these store your store leftovers in, in the future.

2 – Look at making a change to natural household products in place of conventional products. My favorite online natural shop is Faithful to Nature. They have it all!

3 – The power of exercise and getting sweaty. Seriously getting your sweat on helps flush these toxins out of your system. Even more of a reason to get your beautiful body moving.

4 – You really didn’t think I would get much further with our mentioning something about food, right? Choose grass-fed or pasture-raised animals that are free from hormones and antibiotics. Try to buy organic fruit and veggies where possible and make sure to wash your fruit and veggies well to remove any unwanted pesticide residue. Check out our blog Health Reset: Restore Balance to your Body for more about how you can amp up your body’s natural detoxification process.

5 – Check out your skin products and look at choosing more natural alternatives. Try out natural toothpaste and body creams. There are so many products out there you will easily find the perfect fit for your skin type.  

The truth is,

We can’t remove our exposure to all toxins, but we sure have a lot of control over the body products and household cleaning products we use. Every small step makes a difference and works towards reducing the toxic load in your body. It gets you closer to a happier and healthier you!


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  1. I feel like these steps are basic enough to incorporate into everyday without hassle. I’m trying to be more conscious of what I’m bringing into my household, especially with a baby that loves to put everything in his mouth!

    1. Excellent. These simple steps make it so much easier to make these small, yet effective changes. Will definitely give Mom peace of mind with the little one!

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