Nourishing Banana & Nut Butter Treat

I’m all about the snacks. Especially refined sugar-free, no nasties added snacks. It’s important to know that what you’re putting into your body is not only tasty but also working to heal your body as well as fuel it. Each meal or snack is an opportunity to support your body and give it the nutrients it needs to thrive! Although this Nourishing Banana & Nut Butter treat is a simple one it’s made to nourish and heal.

Food isn’t like medicine, it is medicine, and it’s our number one tool for creating the vibrant health we deserve.

Dr Mark Hyman
Banana in a peel

This nourishing banana & nut butter treat is perfect for when your sweet tooth is calling and you looking for a healthy fuller before dinner… or even as a dessert option. These banana & nut butter slices are real winners.


  • 1 Banana
  • Nut butter of choice (its almond butter all the way for me!)


  • Hemp Hearts
  • Cacoa Nibs
  • Walnuts
  • Desiccated coconut
  • Sunflower Seeds
Banana quarter, with nut butter and cocoa nibs.


  • Slice your banana lengthways and quarter them.
  • Smear with your favourite nut butter.
  • Add your topping of choice and enjoy

How it all nourishes your body:

Sliced Bananas

Bananas are known to be one of the best sources of potassium. Important for preventing muscle cramps and managing hydration within your body.

Now for the best part, bananas can help improve your mood by providing amino acids essential to your body. What’s not to love.

Hemp hearts are a complete protein that will help make this snack more filling. As well as assisting in balancing your hormones and improving your digestion.

My next favorite is adding a few cacao nibs, I find that the sweetness of the bananas is a perfect combo with the more bitter cacao nibs. Cacao nibs have high antioxidant content and are also an excellent source of magnesium which helps improve your muscle structure and nerve functions. Taking this from just a snack to a body-boosting experience.

Give your body some love and give this nourishing snack a try!

P.S Almond butter is also a winner on apple slices, check out the recipe for our delicious apple and almond butter snack.

Banana slices with nut butter and hemp hearts


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